Fana is a borough of the city of Bergen in Vestland county, Norway. The borough makes up the southeastern part of the municipality of Bergen. The borough was once part of the historic municipality of Fana which was incorporated into Bergen in 1972. The old municipality was much larger than the present-day borough of Fana. As of 1 January 2012, Fana had a population of 39,216.

From Bergen to Fana Kulturpark

Tour Operator: Brian Levin
Max group size: 15
Age range: 14 to 99
Operated in: Norwegian/English
Tour id: 92883

About this route

18.1 km

1 h 30 min

Begins in the City, and continues on to country road.

Urban area with 124 incline and 91 decline.

Paved roads with a few roundabouts.

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Head northwest toward Vaskerelvsmauet
11 m
Turn left onto Vaskerelvsmauet
20 m
Turn right onto Vaskerelven
48 m
Turn left onto Sigurds gate
51 m
Turn left onto Neumanns gate
91 m
Turn right onto Vestre Torggaten
76 m
Turn left onto Håkonsgaten
77 m
Continue onto Nygårdsgaten
800 m
Turn right to stay on Nygårdsgaten
650 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Fv582/Fv584
400 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
130 m
Turn right onto Solheimsgaten
180 m
Slight left to stay on Solheimsgaten
31 m
Slight left onto Fjøsangerveien
1.3 km
Turn right to stay on Fjøsangerveien
9 m
Turn left onto Mindeveien
23 m
Continue onto Fjøsangerveien
120 m
Turn right to stay on Fjøsangerveien
190 m
Continue straight to stay on Fjøsangerveien
650 m
Keep left
400 m
Slight left onto Fjøsangerveien
450 m
Turn right toward Gamlehaugvegen
11 m
Turn left toward Gamlehaugvegen
95 m
Turn left toward Gamlehaugvegen
39 m
Slight right onto Gamlehaugvegen
130 m
Turn right to stay on Gamlehaugvegen
260 m
Turn left to stay on Gamlehaugvegen
59 m
Turn right onto Paradisstranden
2.1 km
Turn left toward Troldhaugvegen/Fv582
15 m
Continue onto Troldhaugvegen/Fv582
260 m
Turn left onto Troldhaugvegen
80 m
Slight left
1.3 km
Continue onto Lundhaugvegen
1.2 km
Slight right onto Tors veg
300 m
Continue onto Skjoldvegen
100 m
Turn left onto Skjoldstølen
500 m
Turn right onto Bjørnevegen
1.3 km
Slight right onto Krohnåsvegen
700 m
Slight left
250 m
Turn right
600 m
Slight left
1.4 km
Turn right toward Fanavegen/Fv546
6 m
Turn left onto Fanavegen/Fv546
Go through 1 roundabout
1.7 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Krokeidevegen/Fv546
47 m



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