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Bicycle Tours and Trips

Experience Bergen on the bike, and join an adventure. Ride through the beautiful nature, and glide past the old buildings downtown. From tougher terrains to road cycling, a tour on two wheels invites you to experience Bergen from a new perspective – whether it’d be cruising downtown or when visiting the urban communities outside the city.

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Guided tours

Cycle alongside a group or book a private trip with a guide by your side. On a cycling trip, your guide is an avid cyclist who knows how to make your journey as easy and seamless as possible.

From correct breathing techniques and much-needed motivation to ensuring everyone is having an enjoyable time. You’ll leave as dearly departed friends!

Go alone with confidence

If you prefer to hit the open road alone or ride at your own pace, a self-guided cycle might just be what you’re looking for. An organized bicycle trip takes away the hassle and arranges everything for you, from accommodation to navigation equipment.

Just simply roll up to your lodgings knowing everything is taken care of.

Connect over cycling

The best part about taking an adventure is being able to share it. Why wait ’til you get home when you can share your cycling adventure with those who love it just as much as you do? Say cheers to your triumphs, relate over your tribulations, and exchange tips and tricks over a refreshing appetizer together. 

Words from our bikers

"Both easy and tougher lanes fit for both athletes and beginners"

"Beautiful Scenery"

"Great weekend activity with the kids"

- Bergens Tidende

- Bergen Avisen

- Fanaposten




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